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Tax Strategies For Business Professionals Audio CD Set. By Sandy Botkin

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Here we have a Tax Strategies For Business Professionals Audio CD Set. By Sandy Botkin. It is new and sealed.

Sandy Botkin is the foremost authority in this nation on tax benefits for independent contractors and home based business entrepreneurs. He is both a C.P.A. and Tax Attorney. In his former life he was an IRS Attorney, having worked for the Chief Counsel's office of the IRS in Washington, D.C. Since leaving there, he became president and owner of the Tax Reduction Institute founded on the principle of educating the public to the many tax benefits that are Congressionally mandated. In this leadership capacity, Sandy has helped his students save millions of dollars on their taxes!

What is tax strategies for business professionals?

It is Sandy's fact-based entertaining, yet powerful tax seminar on audio CD's. Sandy takes you from A to Z in the fun-filled world of tax deductions and tax strategies. He shares information with you, the listener, on many tax deduction details. With this knowledge you can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars. This information is not secret, nor is it high risk, creative tax write-offs. It is simply a comprehensive overview of the legally mandated tax deductions that Congress and the IRS have given the small business professional.

Seminar Segments:

How to document and bullet-proof your records from IRS forever!

Maximize your tax-deductible entertainment - How to legally deduct your golf, theater, and sporting events

How to deduct the equivalent of your children's education, weddings, and all family medical and dental expenses

Benefits from hiring, leasing from, and going into business with relatives

How to achieve your maximum business automobile deductions

How to produce tax-free income with an office in your home

How to avoid (or survive) an IRS audit

How to save 40% on all Social Security taxes by incorporating

How to maximize your estimated taxes and completely avoid penalties

How to operate your business like a business - not like a hobby

How to establish a hassle-free and administrative-free qualified profit sharing plan that will enable a yearly deduction of $24,000 or more

How to set up a yearly tax-free education IRA for family members with no phase out limitations